Mac Lilley Farms Ltd. is centrally located just: 20 minutes from The Raceway at Western Fair District, 30 minutes from Dresden Raceway, 1 hour from Hiawatha Horse Park and 1 1/2 hours from Mohawk Racetrack.

This location makes trucking your horses to the tracks a breeze.

We can work with your green horses, or train your older ones and take them to the races.

Our training rates are $50.00 per day plus shoeing, veterinary bills and trucking.

Lets build champions together!

Our 1/2 mile, banked, stone dust, race track is a great place to start out new colts.

There are over 90 stalls on the farm and lots of grass paddocks for turnouts.

We are on clean municipal water. We grow and harvest our own hay and purchase straw from neighboring farmers.

Veterinary and farrier services are available. 

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