Standardbreds In The OSS Program Will Race For $15 Million! 

The total 2018 program, which includes participation fees, is projected to be $15 million, with projected Ontario Sires Stakes (OSS) purses of $13.25 million and Ontario Bred Rewards totaling $1.13 million.

2018 Standardbred Improvement Program


  • Gold Legs (five events for each age/sex/gait) with multiple divisions – SIP contribution of $180,000 divided by number of divisions + Starting Fees ($800) added directly to purses:
    • If two-year-old pacing Gold legs require four or more divisions, funds are available for the SIP contribution to be increased to $200,000 for two events for colts and two events for fillies
  • Gold Leg (One Division) – $117,000 + Starting Fees ($800) added directly to purse
  • Gold Super Final – $225,000 with no Starting Fees
  • Grassroots Division (five events for each age/sex/gait) – $16,000 + Starting Fees ($350) added directly to purses. Maximum SIP contribution per events:
    • two-year-old pacing events – $112,000 (seven divisions)
    • three-year-old pacing events – $80,000 (five divisions)
    • All trotting events – $48,000 (three divisions)
  • Grassroots Semi-Finals – $40,000 ($20,000 per division with no Starting Fees)
  • Grassroots Final – $50,000

Benefits For The Breeders:

Enhanced Breeders’ Rewards

Under the Breeders’ Enhancement Program, administered by the Standardbred Breeders Of Ontario Association (SBOA), breeders will receive approximately $3M per year from 2015 to 2018 in various breeders’ incentives. Below is an outline of the SBOA’s ‘four-pronged program” to enhancing breeders rewards.  The first three prongs of the program require that reward recipients are both ONTARIO SIRED and ONTARIO BRED (from Ontario Resident Mares).  The goal of this program is to reward breeders who reside their mares within the province and that support the stallions that stand in Ontario.  The program will be based on these racing/breeding seasons (2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018).  The goal was to design a program that would be worth approximately $3 Million in each of these seasons.


    • $1.0 Million – to be paid to registered foals that are both ONTARIO SIRED and ONTARIO BRED (from Ontario Resident Mares).  All 2017 foals that are both Ontario Bred and Ontario Sired must be fully registered with either Standardbred Canada or the USTA by December 31, 2017in order to share in their pro-rata portion of the $1 million breeders’ incentive. Breeders’ incentives are to be paid out on a pro rata basis — as determined by the advertised service fee of the Ontario Sire (recorded with the OSS for the 2017 breeding season). No exceptions will be provided for late registrations.
    • $1.0 Million – to be used to augment the Ontario Bred Rewards that already exist under HIP. Eligible horses will also need to meet the requirement of being ONTARIO SIRED.       Horses eligible to receive rewards under this part of the enhanced program will share in their pro-rata split of the $1.0 Million, based on their earnings in Ontario Sires Stakes races and selected open stakes races in Ontario.These rewards will start in 2015 with the 2 and 3-year-old performers.
    • $400,000 – Each of the eight OSS divisions will split a $50,000 reward amongst the top three performers in each of the respective divisions, based on OSS earnings. The rewards will be split in the following manner:
          • 1st – $25,000
          • 2nd – $15,000
          • 3rd – $10,000

Recipients of these bonuses will also have to meet the criteria of being ONTARIO BRED (from Ontario Resident Mares).  Should any of the highest earning individuals in any given division not be ONTARIO BRED (from Ontario Resident Mares), than the next highest earner who meets the criteria will receive the respective reward. The top performers of 2015 will be the first group eligible for these rewards.


    • $400,000 – $100,000 will be paid to the top OSS stallions based on earnings in the OSS in each of the following categories:
          • 2-year-old trotters
          • 2-year-old pacers
          • 3-year-old trotters
          • 3-year-old pacers

In order to receive this reward, a stallion must currently reside in the province ie.  If a stallion was the leading money winning sire of 2-year-old trotters a year, than the stallion must have also stood in the province that same year.  If a stallion did not stand in the province at this time, than the next highest earning stallion that meets the criteria would receive the reward.  This reward would be payable to the stallion owner/syndicate. The leading stallions of 2015 will be the first group eligible for these rewards.


More Benefits For The Breeders

Ontario Bred Rewards:

Two- and three-year-old Ontario Bred horses (mare was enrolled in the Ontario Resident Mare Program) earn Ontario Bred Rewards on their earnings in the OSS Program as well as in selected Open Stakes in Ontario. These rewards are paid to the person who enrolled the mare in the Ontario Resident Mare Program.

  • Ontario Bred Rewards for OSS earnings – $1 million, paid on a pro-rata basis in January of following year
  • Ontario Bred Rewards for Open Stakes – $130,000, paid on a pro-rata basis in January of following year (individual cap of 20% per horse)