Il Sogno Dream And Alex Lilley Complete First Of 250 Commemorative Miles In Celebration Of 250th Anniversary Of Horse Racing In Canada


On Sunday, May 14, Il Sogno Dream and Alex Lilley had the honour of taking the first of 250 commemorative miles in celebration of the 250th Anniversary of Horse Racing in Canada. The historic mile was part of the Mother’s Day Open House at Mac Lilley Farms in Dutton, Ontario.

An enthusiastic crowd cheered as Il Sogno Dream (4,1:50.2, $956,875) took the Mac Lilley track to complete a mile in honour of the farm’s 50 years of involvement in Standardbred breeding and racing. The six-year-old trotting stallion, owned by Ontario’s Bill Manes, Dan Manes, Leonard Christopher and Randy Christopher, is currently standing at Mac Lilley Farms, with plans for him to continue his race career later this season.

Fittingly, Il Sogno Dream was piloted by Alex Lilley, a third generation member of the Lilley family to be involved in the horse racing industry. Following the commemorative mile the Lilley family was presented with a certificate acknowledging their role in celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Horse Racing in Canada.

(Left to Right) Alex Lilley, Ruleen Lilley and Linda Rainey, pictured after Il Sogno Dream’s commemorative mile at Mac Lilley Farms during the farm’s open house on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14, 2017

Earlier this year the “250 Miles for 250 Years” initiative was launched, encouraging farms and racetracks to hold commemorative miles. A commemorative mile can be a race, a special post parade, or even a float or entry in a local parade, with a goal of holding a total of 250 such events during 2017.

There is a long list of miles scheduled in the coming months, but there are still plenty of opportunities for more miles to be added.

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